A Brilliant Look At The Watches Of James Bond | Infographic

A brief look into the history of James Bond’s iconic watches

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Today I thought we’d take a step down memory lane and take a look at some of  James Bond’s most memorable watches. From Goldfinger to Spectre we’ve got the lowdown on every watch that every different bond has worn through the film series.

For decades James Bond has been gracing our screens with his epitome of style and sophistication, yet each differing Bond had their own unique style to go with their varying, quite different portrayal of the character. Each Bond had a different tone, some were quite serious in the darker films, whilst others had a more playful style as they seduced their way around the world. The different tone of each Bone isn’t reflected just in the way they approach the art of being an international super-spy/playboy, but also in the style of watch they choose. I’m not just talking about the look and feel of the watch they pick, but also how they go about using them. Some Bonds, for example, go about enjoying the use of a full range of impressive Q gadgetry whilst others prefer the use of a watch that simply looks amazing and tells the time. And let’s not forget the watch that’s primary function was just to explode, what a sad loss that was for us watch fans, yes I’m looking at you, Spectre.

In this infographic, we hail every watch that has graced the wrist of James Bond and go on to say what their choice of watch says about their interpretation of the role. From the classic Rolex Submariner, through the digital era of Moore, to the Omega years of Brosnan and Craig every watch here has added in its own way to the story of James Bond.

If there is anything we can say for sure after reading through this list, it’s that James Bond’s expense account is clearly big enough to support shelling out around £4,000 for a new watch every couple of years.
Bond Watches Infographic

Credit for this infographic goes to The Watches Of James Bond