Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Men’s Swatch Watches


Today I’m taking a look at the top 10 most popular, best selling Swatch watches for men. Swatch have been around since 1983 and are well known for their reliability and great time keeping. They have a huge range of great watches available under £50 which is good value for money. They do have a very nice luxury range as well but I’ll save them for my next post!

My favourite from today’s post has to be number 6, I like the simplistic design and think they’ve picked a great shade of blue. Hope you enjoy the post.

1. Swatch Once Again White Dial Black Strap Men’s Watch £32.00 on Amazon


‘A very good watch, this was to replace my wife’s watch as she accidentally mucked hers up.. BUT I am now wearing it !!!she likes it because the face is so clear and has day and date.. as we get older we need reminding where we are in the week and the month !!! not too bothered about the year.So if you want a light (in weight) good time keeper then choose this type. R.G.Greer’


2. Swatch Dark Rebel Watch SUOB704 £44.50 on Amazon


‘What can i say it’s a Swatch. excellent build quality and comfort. Nice size and looks more sleek in person.
I have been a swatch customer for many many years and they never let me down.’


3. Swatch SUOB709 38mm Plastic Case Crocodile Mineral Men’s Watch £42.94 on Amazon


‘Not for me as was bought for my boyfriend as a V-Day gift. Very good quality and comfortable to wear, a nice design and the face is a good size too with the date on it. Can be pricey, but cheaper on here, but well worth the money due to the quality. He loves it’


4. Swatch Men’s Quartz Watch New Irony Chrono Blackie YVS401G with Metal Strap £108.00 on Amazon

Swatch Men's Quartz Watch New Irony Chrono Blackie YVS401G with Metal Strap

‘I love this watch for the same reasons that many have stated. It is a breakthrough watch for the brand as it is chunky and heavy. My only gripe is another one that has been ventured upon – too many links that have to be removed. This is not an immediate flaw – but were Swatch making this for a Gorilla ??!!! Flash some cuff and this watch if I were you.’


5. Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Just White GW151 £32.00 on Amazon


‘I wanted a pure white watch as a fashion accessory and this fits the bill nicely. No frills, just basic time-keeping. I like the way the battery compartment has a ‘hatch’ so that I can easily change the battery myself. This is my first Swatch watch so I’m interested to see how long it lasts.’


6.  Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Up-Wind GN230 £32.00 on Amazon

Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Up-Wind GN230


‘I just purchased this Swatch and am so pleased with it. I have never worn such a comfortable watch and have not taken it off since I got it. The dark blue colour is lovely and the dial so clear. I often can’t see the hands on watches without my reading glasses so this is perfect for me.’


7. Swatch Unisex Blue Choco Dark Brown Leather Strap Watch £38.00 on Amazon

Swatch Unisex Blue Choco Dark Brown Leather Strap Watch


‘I have to admit I’m a Swatchaholic. There’s something so pleasing about the design of their watches. Everything has come together in this watch. Blue is my favourite colour and coupled with dark chocolate brown, the effect is stunning. I love the leather strap, which has moulded beautifully to my wrist. The transparent back to the case, allows the curious to marvel at the intricate mechanism within. Finally, it keeps time perfectly and is so easy to read in all levels of light.’

8. Swatch Mens Casse Cou White Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch £56.00 on Amazon

Swatch Mens Casse Cou White Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch

‘It does all that a watch needs to – it tells the time along with the day/date. When I ordered it I thought that it was also quite pleasing in appearance, at least as far as I could tell from the photograph. When it arrived though I realised that it was much more than this and that it was really rather beautiful and a lovely piece of workmanship. As far as I am concerned it has the look and feel of a much more expensive watch. I am very glad I bought it – it is a pleasure to wear and to look at.’


9. Swatch Men’s Wealthy Star White Dial Bracelet Chronograph Watch £152.47 on Amazon

Swatch Mens Wealthy Star White Dial Bracelet Chronograph Watch


‘This Swatch is an excellent quality, all metal, watch with a large clear face, stop watch and date. I suppose the only word of caution would be don’t buy it if you have got small/slim wrists because it’s very large!’


10. Swatch Unisex Watch SUOL700 £53.00 on Amazon

Swatch Unisex Watch SUOL700

‘I just love this range of watches and have it in both turquoise and purple. I marginally prefer the purple because the face is even more iridescent somehow, but the turquoise is great too. If you don’t like plastic around your wrist, then this is definitely not for you, but if you like a super-practical yet fun and snazzy watch with a clear face and fab colours, here you go. And of course, you can rely on Swatch for time-keeping and durability.’


Thanks for reading, hope you found this useful. What’s your favourite in today’s list? Comment below or join us on Twitter and Facebook.



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