The 4 Best Special Edition Raymond Weil Watches


The Best Special Edition Raymond Weil Watches

For watch enthusiasts, Raymond Weil are luxurious for many reasons other than its appearance. With Elie Bernheim taking the mantle at Raymond Weil, Mr Raymond Weil saw an opportunity to create technically beautiful timepieces. Raymond Weil are renowned for their family values, creativity ensuring stability in the luxury timepiece world. We have found 4 of their special edition men’s watches for you.

Raymond Weil Freelancer Special Edition Piper Men’s Automatic Watch  

The Freelancer Piper was a collaboration with the legendary Piper Aircraft. It created the first ever Raymond Weil aircraft watch, the Freelance Piper. It has a smooth 45mm titanium casing, black chronograph GMT dial, wit the hands replicating an aircraft’s blades. It also includes a self winding automatic movement and presented on a black open leather strap. You can find even more affordable GMT watches here.


Raymond Weil Nabucco Limited Edition Gibson Guitar Men’s Automatic Watch  

Raymond Weil Nabucco’s limited edition Gibson Guitar men’s automatic watch is inspired by the self-tuning Gibson SG Standard. The watch was created with four special features as Raymond Weil created a personified timepiece of the self-tuning Gibson SG Standard. It has a 46mm face, self winding mechanism, 46-hour power reserve and finally presented on a black leather strap.


Raymond Weil Freelancer Labrinth Special Edition Watch

The Freelancer Labrinth was created in conjunction with the English artist. The Freelance Eletro, or Freelancer Labrinth special edition men’s watch has a beautiful labyrinth design on the face. The stainless steel, rose gold casing combined with a PVD plated bezel. It also features a three dimensional pattern capturing true image of the artist using a music equaliser spread around the dial. It is finished with a brown leather strap and RW4200 automatic movement.


Raymond Weil Freelancer Special Edition Cello Music Men’s Automatic Watch

The Cello is inspired by style and charm, pushing boundaries in order to be unique. The Freelance Cello Music special edition timepiece is a beautifully unique watch, with its 45mm titanium automatic chronograph, a day and date functioning. The power reserve of this battery is an incredible 46 hours. Each special edition has an exclusive designs and the Cello features a cello string inspired design, as cello strings are wrapped around the dial.



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