Seiko SSC017P1 Solar Powered Chronograph Watch Review

Hello again everyone! Second post for the day, we’ve been very busy.

I’m taking a look at the Seiko SSC017P1 that you may remember from our ‘Top 6 Seiko Solar Watches For Men‘ post.

This watch is currently available on Amazon.


I’m just going to start at the obvious. It’s a damn fine looking watch. I’ve personally been loving the use of blue on watch dials and hands recently. And this one does a great job of subtly including it.

Just look at it. Do I even need to continue writing the review? This should be all I need to say. Just look at it!

Ok fine, I’ll continue anyway, even though I don’t think it’s required.


Let’s look at some of the watch features and details.

The case diameter is 44mm with a thickness of 14mm so it’s a slightly chunky weighted feel.

The watch strap is also made of stainless steel with a width of 20mm. It’s a push button clasp, which is one of my preferred options.

The watch is solar powered. The benefits of this mean it’s always going to be charged up well and running at good time. No need to replace any batteries either, which for those of you who pay other people to do it, that’s a saving.

To look into more details about all the specifications please follow this link


I’m also loving the little detailing on the back of this watch.

I’m giving this watch a 4/5 from me. I hope this review has helped you out if you’re looking to make a purchase.

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