Pivot Watch | Minimal Design with Highest Quality Components


Hey everyone, today I’ve invited Oliver Whittaker to come along and introduce us to his Kickstarter campaign for Pivot Watches.

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Let us introduce you to Pivot Watch – a minimal, Scandinavian inspired timepiece, made with the highest quality components, yet at an affordable price. Pivot watch has just launched on Kickstarter and we’re excited to tell you more about it.

Pivot was founded by myself (Oliver Whittaker) in Bristol, UK. My background is in industrial design, and with a career at one of the UK’s leading product design companies, I have the creativity and experience to design and create unique, long-lasting and affordable items. The idea of a watch came to me after having problems with watches I was wearing not keeping time, and at that point I decided I could design it better myself (not sure if this was ambitious or naivety in hindsight!). I set out to create the first range of Pivot watches, to make something of superb quality, designed to last. During the design process I recruited my partner and fellow designer Hannah Jenkins, and together we finalised the design and created the Kickstarter campaign. Some say don’t mix work and pleasure, but this project proves that doesn’t have to be true!

The brand Pivot was created to fit with our ethos, of constantly flexing and changing our day to day lives, to stay alert and to refine our skills with every new challenge. We are not afraid to take risks (such as crowdfunding our own watch!) and believe that new opportunities present themselves when you change your perspective.

The three stainless steel case designs are numbered OW30° (IP plated Rose Gold), OW60° (IP plated matte Black) and OW90° (Brushed Silver), standing for my initials as founder, and the numbers relating to the pivoting angles. The range aims to offer customers complete flexibility over their look. Choose from the interchangeable Italian leather straps in dark brown, tan, black or navy, to match your chosen case. The Kickstarter rewards allow you to choose multiple straps, meaning you can change your look according to your daily style.

Following a design principle of “Design less, but better”, Pivot Watch aims to keep face details to a minimum, while letting you tell the time accurately and efficiently. Precise minute and hour markers, as well as numbers, a second hand and a date counter, give full functionality to this simple and minimal timepiece. The case has been designed to sit on the wrist as unobtrusively as possible, while an Italian leather strap has been designed without stitching to minimise clutter. An extremely reliable Swiss Ronda movement, scratch resistant Sapphire crystal glass, and medical grade 316L stainless steel complete the high quality component spec.

Months were spent sketching, prototyping and creating CAD for the design concepts, before production samples were manufactured and approved by us. We’re extremely satisfied with what we’ve got, and now it’s time to place a minimum order. This is where we need your help, as Kickstarter backers, to help us raise the £10,000 funds, and in return, receive one or more of our first production order in September this year.

The first two days of the Kickstarter campaign saw Pivot Watch achieve over one third of our target funding, so it’s looking very promising. The campaign will run until May 7th, but get involved soon for those Early Birds, and to be one of the very first Pivot Watch owners.