Ice Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

Hello, today I’m showcasing some of the most colourful vivid watches you can come across, the Ice-Watch brand. In my Ice Watches review I’m going to take a look at the quality of Ice watches, the history of the brand, how much Ice watches cost and help you out with any other questions you may have about this colourful and affordable brand.

Ice Watches History

Ice watches have been around since 2007 having burst on to the scene and are now sold in 55 countries and over 1000 outlets across the world.

The Belgian brand bought together affordable prices, bold exciting colours and stylish designs. You can see why they’ve been so popular bringing something different to the watch industry.

It’s such a fresh blast of colour with watches moving away from your standard black and brown watches and bringing in blue, red, purple, green and more. I’ve showcased 10 of my favourite below and possibly some of their most popular watches to date.

Are Ice Watches Any Good?

This is one of those questions many people are before buying a new watch, is this brand going to be any good? A lot of time the answer depends on who is using the watch and what for. Ice makes a beautiful selection of colourful watches, they’re good at designing stand out timepieces that are affordable, but made to the quality you’d expect within such a price range. There’s nothing extremely fancy going on with the majority of the brand – it’s just the colour and style of the watches. So if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for – then they’ll be ideal.

Ice Watches Quality 

The quality of Ice watches is okay for what you pay for them. With the bulk of their range coming in at under £100, many even under £50 you do have to accept that you often get what you pay for. If you treat them rough then they’re not going to last very long. But in all honesty for the cost of these watches I think they’re rather nice and offer value for money if you’re looking for a watch that’s a bit more fun. I like to think of them as a bit of a summery brand myself.

How Much Does An Ice Watch Cost?

Ice watches are a very affordable brand with the majority of their timepieces available for under £100 – making them fairly cheap. You rarely find them over this sort of price point. And if you’re looking to spend more than £100 I’d probably recommend a different brand.

Are Ice Watches Water Resistant?

That really comes down to the individual model you’re looking at. A lot of Ice watches offer at least some form of water resistance. But you can pick out any of their watches you like the look of and easily find out the water resistance rating for it.

Best Ice Watches

Below I’ve taken the time to put together a selection of some of my favourite Ice watches. I was really just trying to show off the colourful side of the brand. Let me know which was your favourite at the bottom of the page.


1. Ice-Watch Men’s Quartz Watch with Red Dial Analogue Display and White Silicone Strap SI.WD.B.S.11

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2. ICE-Watch Chrono Party Unisex Quartz Watch with White Dial Time Teacher Display and White Silicone Bracelet CH.WEM.BB.S.13

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3. Ice-Watch Unisex Quartz Watch with Turquoise Dial Analogue Display and Turquoise Bracelet AL.TE.U.A.12

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4. Ice-Watch Unisex Quartz Watch with Yellow Dial Analogue Display and Yellow Silicone Strap ICE.YW.U.S.12

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5. Ice-Watch Ice-Alu Deep purple Unisex Aluminium Bracelet watch AL.DP.U.A

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6. Ice-Watch Unisex Quartz Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue Bracelet AL.DB.U.A

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Ice-Watch Unisex Quartz Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue Bracelet AL.DB.U.A



7. ICE-Watch Chrono Party Unisex Quartz Watch with White Dial Time Teacher Display and White Silicone Bracelet CH.WOE.BB.S.13

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8. Ice-Watch Sili Forever Blue Unisex Silicone Watch SI.BE.U.S

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9. Ice-Watch Sili Forever Red Small Silicone Watch SI.RD.S.S.09

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10. Ice-Watch Sili Forever Orange Big Silicone Watch SI.OE.B.S

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Ice-Watch Sili Forever Orange Big Silicone Watch SI.OE.B.S




Hope you enjoyed having a little skim through, I normally include some details about each watch but a lot of the Ice watch brand offer similar quality so there’s not much point repeating myself over and over again with each watch. If you want to see the price and specifications for a watch just click on the image or the link provided.

So what do you think of the Ice Watch brand? What’s your favourite, let me know in the comments below.