Seiko Men’s 5 Automatic Watch SNXS77 Review

Seiko SNXS77 Series 5 review
  Seiko Men's 5 Automatic Watch SNXS77 Review. So today I'm doing a review of the series 5 Seiko SNXS77 watch. The 5 series was introduced by Seiko back in the 1960s and they had 5 key features, hence the '5'. Automatic winding Day/date displayed in a single window Water resistance Recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position Durable case and bracelet These are a quality selection of watches that have continued to be some of Seiko's most popular. I'm focusing on this one for my...

5 Best Ingersoll Watches Review

Ingersoll I00403 review
 A Review Of Ingersoll Watches Hey everyone, today we're going to be doing an Ingersoll watches review and taking a look at some of their most popular timepieces. I'll start off by introducing you to the Ingersoll brand and a bit of their history before taking a look at some of the best Ingersoll watches available. (more…)

Top 10 Nice Cheap Watches For Men Under £100 | Best Affordable Watch Gifts For Men

Top 10 nice cheap watches for men under £100
10 Nice Cheap Men's Watches Under £100 Hello everyone, today we're taking a look at the top 10 nice cheap watches for men. This list has a real focus on affordable watches with these being available for under £100. There's watches from lots of popular brands so hopefully should be something here for everyone. If you like a certain brand then a lot of the watches have links below them to other related articles. Cheap watches doesn't have to mean low quality, all these watches have been specia...

Seiko 5 Gent Men’s Automatic Analogue Watch SNXS79K Review

Seiko SNXS79K Review
Seiko 5 Gent Men's Automatic Analogue Watch SNXS79K Review Hello today I'm doing a Seiko SNXS79K review. When I have the time I do like to put the effort in to feature extra affordable watches from solid brands that I consider well worth people considering. This watch was perfect as it's under £60 and it's from the brand Seiko which are well known for having made brilliant quality watches for a very long time. // Anyway, I'll get on with my SNXS79K review below and you can find it on Amazo...