Introducing The Alpha Series By The Roebuck Watch Company – Live On Kickstarter

Bold design, quality materials My name is Guy Roebuck, founder of Roebuck Watch Company. Born and bred in New Zealand, I now live in Austin, Texas. I have been working as an Architectural draftsman for a long time and was at the point where I wanted to make a change. I enjoy design and have a fascination for watches so this moved me to set up my own boutique watch brand and create my first watch–the Alpha. I think Alpha is an apt name—often used to mean the first or beginning. The Alpha is m...

5 Trending Hugo Boss Watches You Need Right Now

hugo boss 1513093
5 Trending Hugo Boss Watches Hey everyone, today we're going to be taking a look at 5 of the best trending Hugo Boss watches available right now. The list may only include 5 watches but I feel there's still something there for everyone. The Hugo Boss watch brand has a huge catalogue of stylish men and women's watches available. They aim for modern elegance with a touch of class. These watches are great if you like to make a statement with your designer watches. They're built of premium mater...

5 Best DKNY Watches For Women

5 Best DKNY Watches For Women  Today we're going to be taking a look at 5 of the best DKNY watches for women. We've put together a nice range of beautiful timepieces for you to browse through. We like to keep our lists updated regularly so let us know what you think in the comments section below, what's your favourite model? Or do you know of any other DKNY watches that should make it in instead? DKNY produces a large range of fashionable timepieces that are both fun and friendly. DKNY is...

Best Ben Sherman Watches Under £50

ben sherman BS148
Best Ben Sherman Watches Under £50 Hey everyone, today we're going to be taking a look at some of the best Ben Sherman watches available for under £50. So if you're looking for some that's affordable yet still stylish, I recommend taking a look at the watches we've featured today. Ben Sherman watches offers a large range of styles and designs at an often very affordable price point. They tend to feature quartz movements and basic water resistance ratings. We like to keep our lists up to d...

Gucci Watch Review – Blackout Ceramic X76009G2S

gucci X76009G2S watch
Gucci Watch Review - X76009G2S Hello everyone, today I've put together a Gucci X76009G2s review. This is a very popular designer watch from Gucci. It's made of a lightweight ceramic and a features high-visibility display. The Gucci Gc brand was launched back in 1997 by Paul Marciano, the founder of the Guess fashion label. Gc watches features designs for both men and women. They combine both the latest fashion trends and the watchmaking expertise from Switzerland to produce these stunning mi...

5 Awesome Invicta Watches You’ll Struggle To Pick Between

invicta 8928OB watch
5 Invicta Watches You'll Struggle To Pick Between Today we're going to be taking a look at 5 of the most popular Invicta watches that are currently trending. As we're solely featuring their top selling watches, this list is dominated by Invicta's Pro Diver collection. This range includes both quartz powered and automatic models, if you like the design of one, you can likely find it available with both types of movement. If you love the Invicta watch brand you'll be sure to love something fro...

5 Cool Emporio Armani Watches To Add To Your Collection

Emporio Armani AR1737
The 5 Coolest Emporio Armani Watches Today we're going to be taking a look at 5 of the coolest Emporio Armani watches for you to consider adding to your collection. It's no secret that people who buy an Emporio Armani often come back for more. I myself know a few people who love to do this, they just catch the bug for them. Emporio Armani produces some very stylish designer watches at what many consider to be quite affordable, often under £200 per watch. At this price people can stock up on ...

5 Best Accurist Watches That Are Trending Right Now

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5 Best Accurist Watches That Are Trending Right Now Hello, today we're going to be taking a quick look at 5 of the most popular Accurist watches for men, that are trending right now. This English watch manufacturer is well known for their large range of affordable watches for men and women, becoming a household name over the years. They produce high-quality fashion watches with a variety of styles that primarily include analogue timepieces. Whether you're after modern of sleek and traditional,...

14 Best Seiko Watches For Men / Seiko 5 Collection (Updated 2018)

Best seiko 5 watches
Best Seiko 5 Watches For Men Hey everyone, today we're taking a look at the 14 best Seiko 5 watches for men. We have a variety to look through that should be a really interesting list. We'll be taking a look at some of the most popular Seiko 5 watches for men that are currently available. The Seiko 5 collection is known for offering great value for money. If you wanted an affordable Seiko watch then it's well worth checking some of these out. Also Read: Ultimate 100 best watches under 500...