14 Most Popular Hugo Boss Chronograph Men’s Watches Best Selling Most Popular Of 2016


14 Most Popular Hugo Boss Chronograph Watches Best Selling Most Popular Of 2016

Today I’m taking the time to look at 14 of the most popular best selling Hugo Boss chronograph watches for 2016 so far. I’ve always been a massive fan of Hugo Boss watches and would say they are one of my favourite affordable watch brands. If I had the money I probably would buy most the watches on this list but sadly I don’t, I am however settling for one of them. Do not miss out on watch number 14, it’s pretty different but I thought it was stunning myself.

If you’re a fan of Hugo Boss watches and have been trying to find some of their most popular watches to take a look at I’m certain you can find something here you might love.

As always I hope you find the helpful and enjoyable, don’t forget to comment below with your favourite and share on social media to help us out.


1. Hugo Boss Gents Watch Chronograph XL Leather 1513093 Quartz

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I think this watch from Hugo Boss looks stunning, I love the rose gold casing mixed in with the dark tan leather strap. The whole design blends very well and looks like a great expensive watch. The casing diameter size is 43mm which is pretty much the standard these days for men’s watches, it’s actually classed as large though.

They’ve gone for a hardened mineral glass front which will protect your watch from most scratches and others can sometimes be buffed out which is helpful. It uses a quartz movement with a standard chronograph feature.


2. Hugo Boss Chronograph Watch 1512965 

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This is a very smart looking silver with black edition to the list. It features a mineral glass and a slightly larger than normal casing diameter of 44mm. Overall I have to say this is a stunning looking watch with a bit more of a low key feel than the previous watch. This Hugo Boss 1512965 also features a push button deployment clasp that I think are much better than your standard fold over clasp.


3. Hugo Boss Origin Chrono Men’s Watch 1513031

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Now if you’re after an all black watch, you can’t go far wrong with this Hugo Boss 1513031. It’s quite simply an absolute beauty. Again we have a slightly larger than average case diameter at 44mm with a thickness of 11mm. The glass is a hardened mineral crystal which will resist most scratches and some others can normally be buffed out.

It may be hard to notice from the image but the strap is actually a silicone rubber, not a metal. Thus the clasp is actually a buckle fitting rather than anything else.


4. Hugo Boss Men’s 44mm Multicolor Two Tone Steel Bracelet Steel Case Quartz White Dial Analog Watch 1512960

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This is one of those show stopper watches that you almost expect people to notice, and I wouldn’t blame you. The two tone design helps achieve this ‘look at me style’. I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of two tone watches but for something reason I actually quite like this one, perhaps it can on occasion be done pretty well.

Again it’s another 44mm diameter casing with a thickness of 12mm and a hardened mineral glass front. It also has a tachymeter bezel because we all use those properly :).


5. Hugo Boss Men’s Driver Sport Watch 1513085

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Now I was actually pretty surprised not to see this one in position number one but I suspect that’s due to the massive increase in popularity of rose gold watches. But some people still love the standard Hugo Boss all black designs. This watch has the same dial design as watch number one it’s just in a different less popular colour scheme.

At the risk of repeating myself for you skim readers out there this watch has a casing diameter of 43mm with a thickness of 12mm and a hardened mineral glass. Hardened glass offers a good level of protection and it’s what you would expect from this brand around this price range.


6. Men’s Hugo Boss Chronograph Watch 1513080

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For the hawk eyed people here you may have spotted this is indeed another take on watches one and five. They’ve use the same clearly popular dial design but in this case gone for a stainless steel strap rather than the genuine leather. It’s always good to see brands do this of course as it means they are accompanying different peoples tastes. Some people love leather strap watches where as others would only go for metal straps.

Due to the same design all the features match up, the 43mm casing diameter and the hardened mineral glass are of course the same as the previous watches. Out of the three I still prefer watch number one myself, personal taste and all.


7. Hugo Boss Gents Watch Quartz Chronograph XL Neo 1513030 Silicone

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This is what is classed as an oversized style watch with a case diameter of 46mm, that’s rather larger than your standard 42mm case you get these days. I love the use of rose gold and black here of course but still have to say I prefer watch number one. This watch does have a more durable feel to it though with the silicone rubber strap.

The Hugo Boss 1513030 watch features a hardened mineral glass front with an easy to read large dial display. If you’re after a bit of a larger watch that will feel somewhat more chunky and noticeable on your wrist this one could well be the one for you.


8. Hugo Boss Men’s Steel Bracelet & Case Quartz Blue Dial Chronograph Watch 1513183

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So this is actually the first watch to be featured that actually has numerals on it. This does of course make it one of the easier to read editions for those who struggle with this sort of thing. I’m not too sure how well the numbers fit in with the design though, it’s a little bit too clear cut for me.

As for the watch features it’s a 44mm case with a thickness of 12.5mm which is actually pretty thick. You’ll definitely get a chunky feel with it on the wrist compared to some of the other watches featured. The glass is of course hardened mineral, I wouldn’t expect anything different from the Hugo Boss watches we’re featuring today.


9. Hugo Boss Watch 1512963 

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This Hugo Boss watch has a stunning deep blue dial, those of you regular readers will know I’m a sucker for watches that manage to use blue in their designs properly. I think overall it works really well and the whole style is pretty perfect. Again Hugo Boss make another great looking watch, something that they often excel at.

As for the watch features it’s got a casing diameter of 44mm with a thickness of 12mm, it’s another nice thick watch that you’ll be able to feel the weight of on your wrist with. As you probably guessed, yes it’s a hardened mineral glass, the standard for most Hugo Boss watches.


10. Hugo Boss Black Driver Sport Men’s Chronograph Watch 1513094

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Now this is definitely a noticeable oversized style watch from Hugo Boss. The casing diameter is 47.2mm, much larger than the standard 42mm you get these days. It’s highly likely to get compliments if you ask me, it will be hard for people to miss it to be honest. I do really love the design of the dial they’ve gone for here. It’s also a very subtle use of two tone design which I think looks great with the silver and rose gold.

For those of you wanting to know it’s a standard hardened mineral glass as we’ve come to expect from Hugo Boss and features a deployment buckle clasp that I’m also a fan of.


11. Hugo Boss Men’s Driver Sport Watch 1513087

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You can really see how they’ve gone all out with their racing inspiration for the design of this watch, and the detailing on that leather strap is superb, I always appreciate little details like this on a watch, going for this instead of the plain leather was a good choice. I’m also loving the use of the hints of read on the design of the dial. Again the dial has a similar effect around the edges as the previous watch, I think it looks great I just honestly cant remember the name of the style (yell it at me in the comments if you know it).

We’ve gone back to the Hugo Boss standard size of 44mm for the casing with a thickness of 12mm. Also the glass is a specially hardened mineral glass.


12. Hugo Boss 1513198 43mm Stainless Steel Case Brown Calfskin Mineral Men’s Watch

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Another rose gold stunner. I love these, truly are my favourite style. I think this works as a pretty smart looking suit watch. Again this is another one of those watches that I think people are bound to notice. Also it’s the third watch in a row now with that dial design I like.

The casing is 43mm with a thickness of 11mm, should fit perfectly with a shirt cuff. The glass is of course hardened mineral crystal as well, like the other watches featured.


13. Hugo Boss Watch 1512519

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Another great rose gold watch from Hugo Boss but this time with a lighter style dial. Personally I prefer the other rose gold watches myself but we do have to cater to everyone’s tastes. I like that the chronograph positioning is a little different on this design compared to the rest.

It’s a standard analogue quartz movement which is pretty accurate. The dial casing has a diameter of 44mm like many of the other Hugo Boss watches, and a thickness of 12mm. Not too oversized at all then so should sit pretty nicely on your wrist. Again, it’s a mineral glass crystal for this one as with the others.


14. Hugo Boss Ambassador Round Chrono Mens Watch 1513320

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When I first looked at this watch I thought ‘wow, I need this’ so I’m buying it, end of. I think it looks awesome, as I mentioned earlier I love blue watches and this blue and rose gold design I hadn’t seen done before. It is absolutely stunning. You’ll have to let me know what you think of this one in the comments.

The sizing is pretty similar to most the other Hugo Boss watches being 44mm with a thickness of 10mm. Slightly thinner than the others but that’s something I quite like in a watch.



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed taking a look through and having a read. What did you think of watch number 14? Let me know in the comments below and tell me what your favourite was.

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