Introducing Ultra Thin Chronograph Watches By Valpico – Live On Kickstarter

Valpico watch front
Ultra-Thin Chronographs - Made Affordable The thin chronograph is a very popular and sought-after type of watch on today's market. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive, which means a lot of people can't afford one. This is what Valpico wants to change. Valpico was created by Swedish brothers Kevin and Billy Crammer. Their story begins when they went on a trip to the cosmopolitan island of Mallorca, Spain. There, the brothers rented a villa located on the outskirts of the island. ...

Gucci Watch Review – Blackout Ceramic X76009G2S

gucci X76009G2S watch
Gucci Watch Review - X76009G2S Hello everyone, today I've put together a Gucci X76009G2s review. This is a very popular designer watch from Gucci. It's made of a lightweight ceramic and a features high-visibility display. The Gucci Gc brand was launched back in 1997 by Paul Marciano, the founder of the Guess fashion label. Gc watches features designs for both men and women. They combine both the latest fashion trends and the watchmaking expertise from Switzerland to produce these stunning mi...

Bulova Marine Star 98B203 Watch Review

98b203 watch review
Bulova Marine Star 98B203 Watch Review My rating: 8.5/10. Very good watch. Value for money. Today I'm doing a Bulova 98B203 review. Bulova began with a flagship store in Manhattan and since then have grown to become one of the longest established watch brands worldwide. Creating anything from stylish dress watches to impressive ultra-high accuracy timepieces Bulova appears to have something for everyone. You can read my full Bulova watches review here. The Bulova 98B203 that I'm reviewing...

TW Steel CB216 Watch Review – Is It Any Good?

tw steel CB216 watch review
TW Steel CB216 Review My rating: 8/10. Men's oversized automatic watch. Today we're going to be taking a look at a mid-range timepiece from TW Steel. This is a high-quality timepiece running on an automatic Seiko NH35 movement. A key feature of this TW Steel watch is the oversized design with its impressive 50mm diameter casing. I hope you enjoy today's TW Steel CB216 watch review.   Below is an image of the TW Steel CB216. Check latest reviews, ratings and prices on A...

A Brilliant Affordable Dive Watch SEIKO SKX007 Review

Seiko SKX 007
SEIKO SKX007 Review - Automatic Watch My rating: 9/10. Excellent watch. Affordable automatic diving watch. Today I'm doing a Seiko SKX007 review. Yes, it's finally time, I've been putting it off for a while as it's a pretty big review, but here we go. The Seiko SKX007 is one of the most popular well known Seiko Diver watches available. It's a brilliant affordable diver's watch with an ISO-rated case and a high quality build throughout. Many collectors start out with the Seiko SKX007, but it'...

Sekonda 3888 Watch Review – Is It Any good?

Sekonda 3888 watch review
Sekonda 3888 Review My rating: 7/10. Is this men's chronograph watch from Sekonda good value for money? Hey everyone, so today we're going to be taking a look at this popular Sekonda stainless steel chronograph watch, the Sekonda 3888 to be precise. This is definitely what many would consider an affordable watch, Sekonda rarely stray from that description. Let's find out if this watch is decent value for money, or simply too cheap and to be avoided. I hope you enjoy today's Sekonda 38...

Skagen Watch Review – Are They Good?

Skagen watch review SKW6082
The Skagen Watch Review Hey there, today we're going to be taking a look at the Skagen watch brand, also known as Skagen Denmark watches. Are Skagen watches any good? Are they suitable watches for you? And do they offer value for money? These are just a view of the things we're going to be covering in today's article. To start things off we'll be looking at the history of the Skagen watch brand before taking a look at 10 of our most recommended Skagen watches for men and women. By the end...

Review Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 Men’s Watch

Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 Review
  Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 Watch Review Summary My rating: 9.5/10. Excellent watch. Fantastic value for money. Today I'm doing a Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 review. When it comes to value for money Swiss Military absolutely nail it, offering a sapphire glass fronted watch with a Swiss quartz movement all for under £100 which is a rather impressive achievement. You will very rarely see me give a watch such a high individual score of 9.5/10 but this watch has earned it...

SEIKO SBCM023 Review | High Quality Accurate Divers Watch

SBCM023 Review
SEIKO SBCM023 Review My rating: 9/10. Brilliant watch. High-quality accurate movement. Today I'm doing a Seiko SBCM023 review. While it looks similar aesthetically to the Seiko SKX 007 there are a few noteworthy differences. Firstly the SBCM023 is smaller than the SKX model. The Seiko SBCM023 has a case diameter of 39mm while the SKX 007's case is 42mm. Another major difference is the type of movement. The Seiko SBCM023  features what is called an HAQ movement, or high accuracy quartz. Where...