Kenneth Cole Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

kenneth cole watches review
Kenneth Cole Watches Review Hey everyone, today I'm taking a look at the popular designer brand Kenneth Cole. They're an American fashion brand that's based in New York. They were established back in by the eponymous designer back in 1982. Whilst they originally focused on designer shoes, they soon began expanding into other fashion related products with the launch of their watches in 1996.  Are Kenneth Cole Watches Any Good? So are Kenneth Cole watches actually any good? Luckily I actually g...

10 Best Men’s Watches That Don’t Need Batteries

best no battery watches
10 Best Men's Watches That Don't Need Batteries Hello everyone, today we're going to be taking a look at some of the most popular 'no battery watches' available for men. So what counts as no battery watches? There's actually quite a few different routes you could go down. Automatic or mechanical watches don't require batteries. You'll also find that Eco-Drive or other solar alternatives also don't need any battery changes so these might be suitable for you too. And I guess you wouldn't want ...

Review Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 Men’s Watch

Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 Review
  Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 Watch Review Summary My rating: 9.5/10. Excellent watch. Fantastic value for money. Today I'm doing a Swiss Military Hanowa 6-4231.04.001 review. When it comes to value for money Swiss Military absolutely nail it, offering a sapphire glass fronted watch with a Swiss quartz movement all for under £100 which is a rather impressive achievement. You will very rarely see me give a watch such a high individual score of 9.5/10 but this watch has earned it...