15 Best Watches For Teens / Ultimate Style

The Best Watches For Teens / Ultimate Style

Hello everyone, today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best watches for teenagers. All these watches are picked for their affordability, popularity and style.

If you’re looking for the coolest watches for teenagers then be sure to give our full list a look. We’ve focused on the best watches for boys in this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best watches for girls in the near future.

1. Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch 

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First up on our list of the best watches for teens is this Fossil smartwatch. This is the Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist. It features a large digital dial with a first class design, rose gold coloured casing that blends beautifully with the navy leather strap.

One of the cool features of this smart watch is just how customisation is available, you can personalise the smartwatch face, features and apps. Even the straps are interchangeable.

Be sure to check out the full details on this timepiece to make sure it’s suitable for your mobile device.


2. Classic Daniel Wellington 

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If you prefer something a lot more minimalist then consider this Daniel Wellington watch. This brand has been mega popular with its cult following and affordable pricing. This models features an ultra slim 6mm casing, these sort of thinner casings have become more and more popular lately.


3. Casio G-Shock Watch

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I’m sure many of you will already know plenty about Casio watches. This brand is known for its shock-resistant construction that offers great protection against impact and vibration. This particular model features Tough Solar technology, powering the watch using solar.

If you’re buying a watch for a teenager who prefers the outdoors, this Casio G-Shock could certainly come in a lot more useful than any designer watch ever would.


4. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

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Here we have another great watch for teens from fossil. I love this model as it combines the classic dial design with many of the great features of a smartwatch, all with a classy high end design.

This model comes with an activity tracker that can be linked to your phone. It can track your steps, your fitness, and your sleep pattern. This is ideal for someone looking for the best of both worlds.


5. Puma Motorsport Ultrasize

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 This timepiece from Puma is perfect for someone who loves ultra large watches. This timepiece features a 50mm dial, note that most watches these days feature a 42mm dial. This really is a huge watch, sadly the photo doesn’t quite do it justice.

Powering this Puma Motorsport watch is a Japanese made quartz movement for accurate and reliable timekeeping.


6. Hugo Boss Classic Watch

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For those looking for a stylish designer watch for teenagers then Hugo Boss is certainly worth considering. This is a designer brand known for popular stylish watches. This model features a fancy dial design with slim hands and hour markers.

If you’re looking for a smart, stylish yet still reasonably priced timepiece then this is the way to go.


7. Tommy Hilfiger Gold Plated Watch

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Prefer something way more flashy? This is a gold plated timepiece from Tommy Hilfiger, it reminds me of a homage to a Rolex model, obviously without the super high end price tag.

This is an affordable watch for teenagers that manages to look a lot more expensive than it really is. It has a large 47.5mm casing and is bound to stand out on your wrist. This is perfect for those teenagers who want their wrist wear to get noticed.


8. Hugo Boss Chronograph Watch

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Up next in our list of the best watches for teens is this Hugo Boss chronograph timepiece. The mix of the rose gold casing and the dark brown genuine leather strap make this watch look rather luxurious.

Personally I like the detailing on the pushers either side of the crown, it’s the small details like these that really make a timepiece stand out.

9. Holzkern Vecchio Walnut/Marble Watch

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If you’re truly after something a bit different then I highly recommend checking out the range of watches available from Holzkern. They make fantastic watches like the one featured above, produced with natural materials like walnut and marble. This use of marble provides you with a unique looking dial.


10. Emporio Armani Designer Watch

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 One of the best designer watch brands for teenagers is Emporio Armani. They’ve proven to be extremely popular over the years with a huge range of styles and designers available.

This model has a rather simplistic dial design with silver tone hands and hour markers that stand out well against the black matte background.


11. Braun Minimalist Watch

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Braun have an incredible selection of minimalist watches available. They featured quite a bit on my article about the best minimalist watches.

This is a very affordable watch for teenagers that features one of my preferred dial lay outs with the use of a secondary dial at the 6 o’clock position for the seconds display. This thickness of the case is just 8.5mm making this a very slim timepiece.


12. Skagen Signature Minimalist Watch

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Here we have another cheap watch for teenagers. You can often find this model available for under £100. This is perfect for those on a budget.

This Skagen Signature watch has a super interesting dial design which is closer to art than anything else. If you’re looking for something that looks a little different, is affordable and also well built, then give Skagen’s full range a look.


13. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watch

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Up next in our list of the best watches for teenagers is this Citizen Eco-Drive watch. I’m a massive fan of Eco-Drive watches, they’re so good that Citizen now primarily produces this range. Eco-Drive watches run on solar energy, they can turn any form of light into energy to run their quartz movement.

This model is pretty high end from Citizen. It features radio controlled timekeeping for excellent accuracy as it’s linked to an atomic clock. It also features a perpetual calendar and a sapphire crystal glass lens.

You can read my full Citizen Eco-Drive AT4000-02E watch review here.


14. Diesel Futuristic Oversized Watch 

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For those seeking oversized watches for teens, look no further than this futuristic looking timepiece from Diesel. This is one of the biggest dials you’ll find out there, it has a diameter of 59mm, that’s massive!

This gorgeous watch from Diesel has a weighty feel to it which is to be expected from such a bulky watch, so keep this in mind if you’re purchasing for someone younger who may find it too heavy.


15.  Michael Kors Lexington Gold Watch

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Last up for our list of the best watches for teenager boys is this stunning Michael Kors timepiece. This is the Michael Kors Lexington gold. It’s a gold tone timepiece with a chronograph dial that’s powered by a quartz style movement.

This is perfect for those who prefer flashy, expensive looking watches. And Michael Kors is a well known designer brand.



As always, thanks for taking the time to look through our list of the best watches for teenagers. What was your favourite watch from today’s list? Or are there any others you would highly recommended? Make sure to comment below and let us know!

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