Top 5 Men’s Leather Strap Bulova Watches

The wide-ranging signature brand, Bulova, providing superb craftsmanship and advanced technology, remains a dynamic force in timekeeping, offering proprietary movements and materials as well as a comfortable, engineered fit. Highlights of a comprehensive selection designed to meet every watch-wearing need include the Precisionist Collection, featuring Bulova’s patented Ultra High Frequency (UHF) torsional resonator movement, and the Marine Star Collection, with Duramic™, a new proprietary nylon/ceramic composite. Long at the forefront of diamond watch design, Bulova also continues to present the finest in ladies’ diamond timepieces with the elegantly crafted Diamond Gallery, offering full three-prong settings and sapphire glass.

Today we’re listing 5 of the most popular men’s bulova watches featuring leather straps.

1. Bulova Men’s Automatic, Rose Gold, Brown Leather Strap 97A109



2. Gents Stainless Steel Brown Leather Bulova Watch



3. Bulova Whilton Men’s Quartz Watch with Black Dial Chronograph Display and Black Leather Strap



4. Bulova Mens Automatic Watch 98A139



5. Gents Black Leather Bulova Watch



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