Top 5 Men’s Guess Watches

Guess entered a new phase with their GC watch collection. The newest additions are in response to the growing demand for designer watches featuring eye-catching designs, and high-end prices. The new watches help to expand the popular GC collection, and help to separate it from the mid-price watches Guess has come to be known for. Moving away from the traditional steel material used to produce the majority of Guess? watches, the company along with Callanen International, the producer of Guess? watches have introduced gold, silver, and diamonds into the designs.

Today we are taking a look at 5 of the most popular guess watches available.

1. Guess Gents Rigor Watch W0247G3



2.  Guess Gents Horizon Watch W0380G4



3. Guess Men’s Watch W0040G3



4. Guess Men’s W14052G2 Chronograph Watch with a Brown Dial and a Rose Gold Case and a Brown Leather Strap


5. Guess Men’s Watch W0076G1


What’s your favourite? Join in the discussion below.

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