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Men are always on the lookout for watches that suit their attire and reflect their personality. Skagen manufactures watches that compliment the sophisticated palate of men with it’s simple yet masterful danish craftmanship. Skagen Watches are designed and focused on the minimalist Danish design values while the brand being a contemporary lifestyle label grounded in simplicity, approachability with a clean, focused aesthetic. Hence affirming it’s rightful place among the Best Watches for Men. But today, We will look at the Top 10 selected and carefully reviewed watches From Skagen so that you can choose, only The Best, from the wide array of alluring timepieces from this Danish Manufacturer.

10. Skagen Men’s Watch SKW6372

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This wonderful Danish timepiece features the signature dark blue danish aesthetic leather coupled with the rose-gold stainless steel case. The luminous dials and indexes also inherit the rose gold tone with the 3 hand movement under the Mineral glass window ensuring it to be resistant to scratches. The case is a standard 40mm Skagen design with a thickness of a measly 8mm giving it the minimalistic design that Skagen is known for. The SKW6372 looks elegant and appealing on the wrist when matched with attire to the imposing color of the leather strap. This timepiece rightfully holds its place among the top 10 Skagen watches for men to look out for.

9. Skagen Men’s Watch SKW6300

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Skagen’s SKW6300 is a Sturdy, Stylish and Aesthetical timepiece wonderfully expressing the Danish minimalist design with a rose gold-tone and luminous hands. The band features the aesthetic aspect of Skagen’s fine genuine Leather and its premium quality can be estimated just from having a look at it. The clasp is a buckle type so you know it’s going to fit on your wrist just the way you like it. The case diameter is 42mm but still retains the signature minimalist aspect of Skagen. The window display is a normal mineral crystal and is resistant to accidental bumps every now and then so you don’t have to worry about any visible scratches over the period of owning it. The watch features an alarm function and is useful for obtaining reminders at any part of the day if you liked. The Skagen SKW6300 is a wonderful choice for casual wear during the holidays or when visiting friends and families and having a good time with a trusty timepiece help you stay punctual for your future endeavors!

8. Skagen Melbye Titanium Watch SKW6007

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The Skagen Melbye Titanium Watch is a timepiece worthy of it’s mentioning. The Watch is carefully crafted with the comfort, quality and the impeccable choice of materials kept in mind. It is fairly slim and has a well proportioned smart look. The watch features a 39mm Titanium Case Diameter with a striking mesh gunmetal coated stainless steel bracelet with a luminous dial. The Dial window features a super hardened mineral crystal rather than the normal mineral crystal giving it the toughness and making sure it bides it’s time well. The clasp is a little different than the traditional style of Skagen but it is innovative in its own way. The clasp is paired with a hook that is latched unto each other wherever the owner sees fit and my personal experience, It gives a sense of uniqueness. Truly a wonderful timepiece.

7. Skagen Men’s Watch SKW6180

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The next contender on our list is the wonderful Danish analog watch SKW6180. This is also a slim and stunning timepiece part of Skagen’s Men’s Holst Watch Collection. It gives prominence to the Smoke Grey Stainless Steel Case paired with a smoke Grey stainless steel mesh bracelet. The case diameter is 40millimetres with a sliding clasp. Its main attractive feature is the wonderful Grey blue matte dial with rose gold-tone accents. The watch is very scratch resistant owing to it’s Super Hardened Mineral Crystal so even if you bump it around a little, rest assured, as it won’t succumb to the scratches and maintain it’s scholarly look.

6. Skagen Hagen Slim Mother-of-Pearl Black Leather Watch

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Skagen has really outdone the fashion design value of their usual lineup of watches and gave out something that quickly draws the attention of people either passing by or having a jolly conversation with you to it’s calming deep blue display. The Skagen Hagen Mother of Pearl has a traditional buckle with linear indexes. The Genuine Mother of Pearl gives the dial a luminescent effect. In the event that the lovely leather of your Skagen wears out, Skagen remedies it by featuring a quick-release pin construction design making it easier to interchange the leather strap with any 20mm standard watch strap. The wonderful aesthetic strap makes it comfortable to wear for long hours. Last but not least, the amazing display is sure to attract wanting eyes to your wrist and gaze upon your aesthetic taste and the Danish pride of Skagen in their wonderful ecstatic designs.

5. Skagen Men’s Watch XL Analogue Quartz Stainless Steel SKW6170

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The SKW6170 is a watch worthy of being displayed on man’s wrist. The fabulous and traditional stainless steel band sends tingles over the skin and boosts the self-confidence in one’s classical taste whenever it put on. The case is 40mm in diameter and is 9cm thick. A fairly robust choice for people who like to have a significant watch display on their wrists. It pairs well with suits and not only blends in with the professional theme of a man’s outlook but wonderfully compliments it as well. The Skagen SKW6170 can easily be the best-looking watch you can possess if this is the first Skagen watch you choose to buy.

4. Skagen Men’s 809XLTTM Carbon Fiber Dial Titanium Watch

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Skagen always makes watches that appeal to people that love “out of the ordinary watches”. The watch face of the 809XLTTM is slightly larger than the Skagen average but not large enough to look enormous on an average sized wrist so there shouldn’t be any concerns there. The adjustment of 809XLTTM merely takes seconds and is fairly straightforward. The watch features the same clasp design as the other variants but it is confident in the job to hold the watch firmly in its place. The Skagen 809XLTTM boasts a titanium case with Skagen’s luminous carbon fiber dial and it accurately measures and displays seconds. The 809XLTTM is light to wear and is a quality piece of kit without being too blingy. A timepiece absolutely worthy of it’s every mention.

3.Skagen Men’s Analogue Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap SKW6396

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Skagen SKW6396 unveils a unique sandblasted dial applied with a rose gold-tone with white luminous indexes. The unique design of the beveled day and date window beside the Skagen font adds to the appeal of this sublime danish timepiece. The strap is stainless steel with a fold-over type clasp. The case is the Skagen Standard of 40mm with stainless steel bezels. The Skagen SKW6396 is the perfect watch to wear on professional occasions and is a must-have for men.

2. Skagen Men’s Quartz Watch 233XLTTM

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For men that look for their money’s worth in watches, Skagen has the perfect timepiece to offer you. The 233XLTTM is a beautiful watch with a sleek modern design tinted with true gunmetal aesthetics. Such a high-quality timepiece for the price at which it is offered at seals the deals right there. The case is made of stainless steel but the real uniqueness is in its mesh style clasp. It adds to the premium feel of the timepiece and amplifies the overall invigorating design and quality of Skagen’s Top of the line merchandise. Skagen 233XLTTM is worth every pence and pound and for the people who are lucky enough to come across such a timepiece appreciate the Danish craftsmanship and effort that went into this amazing timepiece.

1. Skagen Hybrid Clock Grey/Silver Unleashed Men’s Watch SKT1305

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Men are unconsciously drawn to watches with designs relating to the classical type that their fathers or grandparents have worn and passed down. Just like this, Skagen unveiled the SKT1305 hybrid with it’s symphonic and classic outlook with a new Analogue Quartz movement. The accuracy and lifespan of this timepiece are the absolute best and its state of the art craftsmanship is to be admired. The hybrid has Analogue digital display giving the classical design a tint of the modern novelty of the 21st century. The SKT1305 is indeed the best Skagen has to offer in terms of craftsmanship, lifespan, accuracy and the quality of the materials used. This Danish timepiece tops the Best Skagen Matches for Men by a large margin.

Conclusion :

I anticipate that you found this top 10 list of Skagen Watches helpful to you and I hope that you found a timepiece to your liking and to your needs in this list. With some luck, you might even find the perfect watch for a specific occasion. As always let me know about your thoughts on this list of Skagen watches in the comment section below. I look forward to your feedback!

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