11 Most Popular Best Titanium Watches For Men

Citizen Men's CA0265-59E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch
  Today I'm looking at 11 of the most popular titanium watches for men. So what are the benefits of titanium? Titanium watches are actually roughly 30 percent strong than stainless steel watches. Yet they weight less. Titanium itself is a dark grey material primarily found in rocks and sand deposits. Titanium was originally to be used by NASA space aircraft construction, although since then has found its way to be useful in other areas. One great benefit other than the lighter weight ...

10 Best Men’s Watches That Don’t Need Batteries

best no battery watches
10 Best Men's Watches That Don't Need Batteries Hello everyone, today we're going to be taking a look at some of the most popular 'no battery watches' available for men. So what counts as no battery watches? There's actually quite a few different routes you could go down. Automatic or mechanical watches don't require batteries. You'll also find that Eco-Drive or other solar alternatives also don't need any battery changes so these might be suitable for you too. And I guess you wouldn't want ...

Seiko 5 Gent Men’s Automatic Analogue Watch SNXS79K Review

Seiko SNXS79K Review
Seiko 5 Gent Men's Automatic Analogue Watch SNXS79K Review Hello today I'm doing a Seiko SNXS79K review. When I have the time I do like to put the effort in to feature extra affordable watches from solid brands that I consider well worth people considering. This watch was perfect as it's under £60 and it's from the brand Seiko which are well known for having made brilliant quality watches for a very long time. // Anyway, I'll get on with my SNXS79K review below and you can find it on Amazo...

15 Best Affordable Skeleton Watches (Automatic) For Men

Most popular Affordable Skeleton Watches
15 Best Affordable Skeleton Watches (Automatic) For Men Hello everyone, today we're going to be looking at the 15 best skeleton watches available for men. These are some of the most affordable skeleton watches available offering excellent value for money and quality. Below we've selected skeleton watches available from some of the most well-known brands available such as Rotary, Fossil, Thomas Earnshaw, and more. (more…)

Henry Jay HJ2001 Review Speciality Aquamaster Dive Style Watch

henry jay watch
Henry Jay HJ2001 Review My rating: 8/10. A popular and affordable diving style timepiece Hey everyone, today I'm taking a look at the popular Henry Jay HJ2001.This is a brand I've seen advertised a lot recently and on the face of it, looks like pretty good value for money. I wanted to take a closer in depth at this timepiece and see how good it really is. I hope you enjoy today's Henry Jay HJ2001 review below. // Below is an image of the Henry Jay HJ2001 featuring a stainless stee...

Seiko Men’s 5 Automatic Watch SNXS77 Review

Seiko SNXS77 Series 5 review
  Seiko Men's 5 Automatic Watch SNXS77 Review. So today I'm doing a review of the series 5 Seiko SNXS77 watch. The 5 series was introduced by Seiko back in the 1960s and they had 5 key features, hence the '5'. Automatic winding Day/date displayed in a single window Water resistance Recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position Durable case and bracelet These are a quality selection of watches that have continued to be some of Seiko's most popular. I'm focusing on this one fo...

12 Most Popular Womens Michael Kors Watches (Updated 2018)

Michael Kors Parker MK5626 39mm Multicolor Steel Bracelet & Case Mineral Women's Watch
 12 Most Popular Women's Michael Kors Watches Hello! Today I'm taking a look at 12 of the most popular women's Michael Kors watches. Michael Kors watches have exploded in popularity in recent years and are now one of the top watch brands with fantastic designs and high quality pieces. I've put together the list of 12 of the most popular watches available in a variety of designs. Hope you enjoy the post and find it helpful. Don't forget to come and subscribe. // 1. MK5165 Ladies Michael...

5 Best Festina Watches Review

festina watches review
5 Best Festina Watches Review Hello everyone, today I'm going to be featuring 5 of the most popular Festina watches currently available. The Festina watch brand was established back in 1902, the Swiss watchmaker is renowned for the technical precision found in all of their watches. They have a huge selection of styles and designs available for men and women. Their chronograph watches are perhaps the most recognisable due to the practicality and functionality of their designs. With everything...

Seiko 5 Men’s Diver Watch SNZH55 Review SNZH55K1

Seiko SNZH55 review
  Seiko SNZH55K1 Watch Review Summary My rating: 8.5/10. Seiko 5 SNZH55 watch, also known as the SNZH55K1. Affordable automatic diving timepiece. Hello, today I'm doing a Seiko SNZH55 review. This is a popular Seiko diver that recently featured in our 25 best Seiko dive watches for men. It's a reliable watch running on the 7S36 23 jewel automatic movement. You should also check out our list of the coolest dive watches. (more…)