Accurist Men’s Watch 7068.01 Review

Accurist 7068.01 Review
  Accurist 7068.01 Watch Review Summary My rating: 7/10. Chronograph watch. Fabric style strap. Hello, today I'm doing a Accurist 7068.01 review. This is a very reasonably priced Accurist chronograph watch that's of good quality and well worth taking a look at today. Accurist are probably best known for their cheaper watches, this is a little above that, but still an interesting timepiece from them. (more…)

Mudder Men’s Sport Watch Review

Mudder Sports Watch
  Mudder Sports Watch Review Summary My rating: 6.5/10. Durable digital watch. Very affordable. Hello, today I'm doing a Mudder Sports Watch review. This is a little bit different to my normal watch reviews, I wouldn't often waste my time on a model like this, but they seem to have become quite popular. This is what you would call a generic OEM sports watch. Meaning any company can buy them, and put their brand name on it. For this instance we're looking at the Mudder version, but it's...