Review Michael Kors MK8280 Men’s Watch

MK8280 Michael Kors Review
  Michael Kors MK8280 Watch Review Summary My rating: 8/10, Very good watch. Timeless classic. Today I'm doing a Michael Kors MK8280 review. Michael Kors are becoming extremely well known in the watch industry for producing luxury style affordable designer watches. Not many people are so aware of their men's range of watches though, of which there are a ton of stunning timepieces to choose from. For this watch in particular I love the use of the midnight blue coloured dial which blends...

Review Skagen SKW6076 Men’s Watch

SKW6076 Review
  Skagen SKW6076 Watch Review Summary My rating: 8/10, Excellent watch. Durable oversized design. Today I'm doing a Skagen SKW6076 review. This watch has a very sleek lightweight design with it's titanium build and thin 8mm profile. The benefits of having a titanium watch over a stainless steel are that it's a lot lighter and a lot stronger, it's also perfect for those who suffer from metal allergies. If you're after a watch that offers that elegant classy feel without going too over b...

Review Casio G-Shock GA-200-1AER Watch

Casio G-Shock GA-200-1AER Review
  Casio G-Shock GA-200-1AER Watch Review Summary My rating: 9/10, Excellent watch. Durable oversized design. Casio G-Shock GA-200-1AER watch is ideal for people who work in the construction industry. You'll find plenty of builders and even mechanics who swear by G-shock watches. They're feature rich and extremely durable bulky watches, this one has a stainless steel core that's wrapped in shock absorbing resin. This design makes it extra bulky with a thickness of 17mm. The dial uses ra...

Emporio Armani AR1893 Watch Review

AR1893 review
  Emporio Armani AR1893 Watch Review Summary My rating: 8.5/10, Very good watch. Popular gold & black design. Emporio Armani AR1893 watch is ideal for those seeking something a bit more luxurious looking without the added cost. The AR1893 has this stunning contrast of black and gold which presents itself very well. The chronograph features are subtly included on the dial which is something you don't often see and a feature I'm very fond of. The whole design of the watch is gorgeous...