Emporio Armani AR2411 Watch Review

AR2411 Review
  Emporio Armani AR2411 Watch Review Summary My rating: 8.5/10, Stylish watch, very popular. Emporio Armani AR2411 watch is one of Armani's most popular smart look dress watches. The simple design of the dial gives it that beautiful clean style that many people seem to love. It's a simple watch with not much in the way of features, but this isn't what people are after, it's just a great looking designer watch for all occasions. You may also like my 21 best men's watches under £200 ...

Review Seiko SKX007K Men’s Watch

SKX007K Review
  Review Seiko SKX007K Men's Watch  Hello everyone, today I'm doing a Seiko SKX007K watch review. Seiko are known for making very good watches and their series of diver's watches are well worth considering. Highly functional features blended with smart watch design is bound to be a hit among watch fans. Today I'm taking a look at the Seiko automatic SKX007K in depth. Editor rating: 8.5/10 Continue reading to find out why. You may also be interested in my Best 10 men's Seiko watches ...