Emporio Armani Classic Blue Dial Watch AR2448 Review

AR2448 review
  Emporio Armani Men's Quartz Watch AR2448 Review. Today I'm taking the time to do a Emporio Armani AR2448 review. Continuing on with my Armani review series where I aim to take a look at all of their best selling watches and will hopefully end with comparing them all for you to find the best. Emporio Armani offer one of the most popular affordable watch brands and it's interesting to look into why. In my eyes, people just love the Armani brand, and that's ok. Do you want an Armani wa...

Mondaine Stop 2 Go Men’s Quartz Watch A5123035816SBB Review

  Mondaine Stop 2 Go Men's Quartz Watch A5123035816SBB Review. Hello today I'm doing a Mondaine A5123035816SBB review. It's only the last few years that here in the UK Mondaine have made a name for themselves. I've started to see them popping up in shops and airports and also making it into the most popular brand lists on watch sites and marketplaces. Mondaine are known for creating high quality watches at an affordable price. This is something people are after more and more these ...