Top 10 Calvin Klein Watches 2015

// Hey there! Today I'm taking a look at 10 of the most popular Calvin Klein watches of 2015. There's a hell of a lot of very good looking watches by Calvin Klein so it's been quite enjoyable making this list. My two favourites for today are number 4 and number 7. I particularly like the contrast of the gold dial with the black leather strap.   1. Calvin Klein Gents Watch Post Minimal K7627120     2.  Calvin Klein Men's K2M21126 Window Analog Displa...

Top 8 Most Popular Men’s Fossil Watches Under £100

// Hello everyone, today i've got a slightly shorter post as haven't got much spare time! I'm taking a look at 8 of the most popular men's Fossil watches currently available. Without a doubt, my favourite would have to be number 4. Very rarely do I see a watch in this colour and I love the blue design and colour of the strap. All watches in today's list are under £100 at the time of publishing, so they are very affordable. Remember if you'd like to buy any of the following you ca...

21 Most Popular Accurist Men’s Watches 2015

Accurist Watches
// Hello! Today we are taking a good look at 21 of the most popular Accurist watches currently available. We have a wide variety and a choice for everyone no matter what your budget. Personal favourites for me would be numbers 7 and 16. I think they have a crisp smart look to them. Please remember all watches seen below are available through Amazon, a brand you can trust. With many offering next day delivery which is free for Prime customers. Enjoy.   1. Gents Stain...

Top 7 Men’s Armani, Leather Strap Watches

// Afternoon everyone. Fans have requested I take a look into the best selling Armani watches currently available. I've gone a bit specific and decided only to look at the leather strap additions for today. I'll be looking at the stainless steel ones in a later edition. My favourite Armani watch in this edition is number 7. I really like the clean look and design of the watch with classic hints.   1. Emporio Armani Men's AR2447 Stainless Steel Leather Strap, Watch ...

Top 7 Men’s Classic Look Rotary Watches

// Hello! Today we're taking a look at 7 of the most popular Rotary watches available for men. Rotary had been around since 1895 and is the oldest family-owned and run Swiss watchmaker. Rotary are experts in designing sophisticated, stylish affordable pieces.   1. Rotary Men's Automatic Watch with White Dial Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap GS00309/01   2.  Gents Rotary Stainless Steel and Gold Plated Bracelet Watch   3. Gents Gold Pl...

Top 8 Leather Strapped Citizen Watches

// Today we are going to have a quick look at 8 of the best selling and most popular Citizen watches for men which feature leather straps. Citizen is well known for being a brand that offers great craftsmanship at excellent value. Watch number 4, the Rose Gold with Dark brown leather has to be my favourite in this list, I'll be sure to add this one to my collection soon.   Remember any of the watches featured in this list can be purchased with next day delivery from Am...

Top 6 Seiko Solar Watches For Men

// Today we are taking a look at the top 6 most popular Seiko men's solar powered watches. Unlike other watches, the solar powered type never need to have a battery replaced, this saves you money and time. This also makes them more eco-friendly. Feel free to browse are other list posts to the right.   1. Seiko Men's Solar Watch SNE039P1     2.  Gents/Mens Seiko Sports Watch Stainless Steel & Black Dial, Solar Powered, Chronograph 200m Water R...

Top 7 Seiko Men’s Watches With Fabric Straps

// Today we take a look at the top 7 men's Seiko watches featuring fabric straps. There's plenty of choice for people with different budgets, for affordable options I quite like these Seiko SNK watches at the beginning. The first 3 watches are the cheaper class. With either a Blue, Green or Black traditional Fabric strap. Number 5 is my preferred watch being a solar powered option with a clean blue design. 1. Seiko 5 Men's Automatic Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Blue Fabric S...

Top 5 Women’s Watches Under £200

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Today we are looking at some of the most popular watches available for women, under £200. Michael Kors has yet again topped our selection with 3/5 watches belonging to their brand. Michael Kors has remained one of the most popular brands this year offering a wide selection of beautifully designed watches at affordable prices. Take a look at our top 5 below. Follow the links to purchase.   1. Fossil Ladies Multi-...