Who invented the first watch?

// The creator of the first watch portable time piece was named Peter Henlein who lived from 1485-1542. He was a locksmith and clockmaker from Nuremberg, Germany. He is often considered the inventor of the first watch.   He originally crafted a small ornamental taschenuhr. These were small portable clocks that were worn around the neck as pendant or sometimes just attached to clothing. These were regarded as the first 'watches'. There are quite a few sources that also credit...

The First Watch In Space? Actually Worn By A Dog.

space dog
// Today we're looking at the history of watches. So what was the first watch in space? I can tell you. The first watch to be sent and successfully tested in space was actually worn on the wrist of a Russian dog named Chernuchka. Chernuchka was the dog sent on the test run of the flight for Yuri Gagarin in the same equipment and rocket, a month prior to his own flight. The Zero gravity environment, along with other extreme conditions encounter by astronauts in space actually r...