Braun BN0231WHBKGAL Review Men’s Quartz Watch

  Braun BN0231WHBKGAL Watch Review Summary My rating: 8/10. Braun minimal watch. Quartz powered timepiece. Hello, today I'm doing a Braun BN0231WHBKGAL review. If you're someone who likes contemporary watches then Braun may well be a brand worth checking out. They may not be the first brand you think of when you go to buy an affordable timepiece, but they do actually have a wide selection of beautifully designed watches. (more…)

Skagen SKW6216 Review Men’s Quartz Watch

skagen SKW6216 review
  Skagen SKW6216 Watch Review Summary My rating: 8/10. Skagen minimalist watch. Quartz powered timepiece. Hello, today I'm doing a Skagen SKW6216 review. This is a rather popular timepiece from Skagen that makes use of minimalist watch design that's proven to be a bit hit with the likes of Daniel Wellington and Brathwait. The watch is relatively affordable and is powered by a reliable quartz movement. (more…)

4 Best Heritor Watches Review

Heritor watches HERHR1101
4 Best Heritor Watches Review Hey everyone, today I'm featuring a popular US based brand, Heritor watches. The majority of readers here probably wouldn't have heard of this brand before as they're only just starting to make their way into the UK market. Heritor Watches is a brand from the American fashion watch manufacturer Resultco. They produce a number of brands with 17 currently listed on their website. Heritor are a 21st century international brand. Whilst the watch design is approve...

5 Best Tide Watches For Fishing 2017

best fishing watches
5 Best Tide Watches For Fishing 2017 Hello everyone, today we're taking a look at some of the best fishing watches available. These aren't just any old watches, a good fishing watch should come with a selection of useful functions. The 5 watches featured below don't just simply display the time and date, they all have more up their sleeve than that. You'll find all these watches provide the tools for a fisherman to have a more successful fishing trip. What features should a useful fishing w...

10 Best Atomic watches For 2017

best atomic watch
10 Best Atomic watches For 2017 Hello everyone, today I wanted to feature 10 of the best atomic watches for men. An atomic watch is a timepiece that's extremely accurate. It uses a radio controlled signal to calibrate itself and synchronize with an atomic clock. Head below to start searching for the best atomic watch that suits your budget and requirements. If you're looking for an affordable atomic watch I'd ignore option 10, that one definitely isn't a cheap atomic watch. I've focused o...

Guide – How To Set Up Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Watch E650 Movement

Citizen E650 AT4007-54E watch
Guide - How To Set Up Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Watch Hello everyone, today I've put together a useful guide on how to set up and operate a Citizen Radio Controlled caliber E650 watch. In this Citizen E650 guide, I'll be including an instructional video to provide a detailed look at how to operate all the functions of this watch. Features in the video include: Setting the time and calendar of a Citizen E650 Setting up the alternate time zone setting up the alarm of a Citizen...

9 Best Shinola Watch Review – Are They Any Good?

shinola watches review
9 Best Shinola Watch Review - Are They Any Good? Hello everyone, I've been wanting to do this one for a little whilst now, today I'm putting together a Shinola watch review. I'll be taking a look at the overall quality of the brand and the history of them before finishing off with a list of 9 popular Shinola watches for you to take a peek at. History of Shinola Watches A watch made in Detroit, a simple idea that grew a once small brand into a global supplier of watches and of lifestyle produc...

Neff Watches Review – Are They Any Good? Colourful Wacky Timepieces

neff watches review
Neff Watches Review - Are They Any Good? Colourful Whacky Timepieces Hey everyone, today I'm going to be doing a little Neff watches review. These are fun and colourful timepieces and are suitable for men, women, and kids. Shaun Neff created the Neff Headwear brand back in 2002. They offer a range of watches, hats, and sunglass primarily aimed at the action sports crown. The company is still based in Southern California where Neff lives. You can learn all about the history of this brand on t...

Seiko Cocktail Time Review – The SARB065

SARB065 review
  Seiko Cocktail Time SARB065 Review Summary My rating: 9/10. Seiko SARB automatic men's watch with Guilloche sunburst dial. Hello everyone, today I'm doing a Seiko 'Cocktail time' review. This is a very popular men's 40mm automatic watch. It uses the 6R15 caliber self-winding automatic movement and is one of the most popular Seiko SAR watches currently available. This is a popular mid range dress watch from Seiko's SAR line that combines a beautiful dial and casing dial with a hi...

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Review 7 Best Watches

hamilton jazzmaster viewmatic review
Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Review Hello everyone, today we're doing a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic review focusing this one specific collection of watches from the brand. We'll also be finishing off with a look at 7 of the best watches from this collection that are currently available. Recently I did a Hamilton Khaki watch review where I featured some of the top Hamilton Khaki watches. I enjoyed putting that one together and figured the next step would be the Jazzmaster Viewmatic watches...