Breitling Navitime 8 Collection Flying… without wings?

By Watch & Bullion Breitling Navitime 8 Collection Flying…... without wings? Introduction Breitling, who launched their first Navitimer back in 1952 have recently announced the latest addition to their portfolio with the introduction of the Navitimer 8 range of watches. This is the first collection to be launched under the guidance of new CEO Georges Kern and whilst some have argued for a wholesale relaunch since their acquisition by CVC Capital Partners, Kern has an eye for keepi...

Is a Watch Really a Sound Investment?

watch investing
When it comes to watches, experts want to know about; the model, material used, price and provenance. However, there are many prestigious brands that market themselves to fall into luxury watch category, which increases their appreciation. So, would purchasing any of these watches guarantee a return on investment in the future? The Watch Models Expected to Increase in Value: · Rolex Submariner · Omega Seamaster 300 · Tag Heuer Calibre II Monaco · Patek Phillipe Calatrava How Have The...

PVD & DLC Coating: Is this service worth it?

pvd panerai
PVD & DLC Coating: Is this service worth it? I want you to look at your old watch. There lies an old piece of memories and experiences. That Old timer still ticks, but when it comes to complimenting your attire, it is truly lacking. There are scratches and chipped off part of the glass. It would be sad to wear it, as it would be if you tossed it away. Well, do not fret. There is a current craze among watch enthusiasts. Certain types of modification that coat the steel of the watch making...

Rare 007 Omega Seamaster Commander Watches In Christie’s Auction

omega seamaster DIVER 300M CO-AXIAL 41 MM Commander's Watch
Rare 007 Omega Seamaster Commander Watches In Christie's Auction Well, I for one can't wait to see the outcome of Christie's next watches online auction. They're going to be featuring three limited edition Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Commander's watches. All proceeds from the sale of the three timepieces will be going to charitable organisations, UNICEF, the United Nations Mine Action Service, and various other charitable organisations. (more…)

Elderly Lady Tricked Into Buying Two Rolex Watches In Courier Fraud

rolex watch news
Elderly Lady Tricked Into Buying Two Rolex Watches In Courier Fraud An elderly woman has been targeted by a con artist who was pretending to be a police officer. The con artist asked the woman to purchase two premium Rolex watches from Bluewater, defrauding the elderly out of £53,000. After purchasing the watches the lady was contacted by the con artist and asked to hand over the Rolex watches to a waiting courier who took off with the items. (more…)

Police Put Luxury Swiss Watches Up For Auction

Police Put Luxury Swiss Watches Up For Auction Today police are selling luxury watches, cars and yachts at an auction in Belfast. These are just some of the goods that make up the £1million pound haul that will be available for the public to bid on today from 5.30pm. Ever wondered what happens to all those good sized by the police as proceeds of crime? They typically get sold back off and the money raised gets split between the police, Home Office, Crown Prosecution Service and the courts. ...

A New Era of Timekeeping for Tudor

A New Era of Timekeeping for Tudor It’s been a great couple of years for Rolex’s sister brand, Tudor, not least thanks to its new association with one very famous former British footballer – David Beckham. Like its older sibling, Tudor has a rich history and a reputation for producing quality watches at a very accessible price. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf first registered the trademark ‘The Tudor’ in 1926, with the view to “making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price tha...

Complete Guide To The Most High Accuracy Quartz Watches

Seiko 9f movement high accuracy watch
Complete Guide To The Most High Accuracy Quartz Watches Hey everyone, today I've put together a guide of the most accurate watches available with quartz movements. To be fair most quartz watches are accurate enough for your normal day to day use. You'll find that a basic Casio or even an Omega can both run around +/- 15 seconds per month. This isn't really a problem for people normally, but for a keen watch enthusiast, that just won't do. If you're striving for the highest levels of watch...

Richard Mille Watches Overview

RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille is an unorthodox brand. Founded in 1999 they are incredibly young and yet an ever increasing number of people consider them the ultimate watchmaker. They also remain some of the hardest watches to understand, simply because they defy rational thinking on so many levels. Then again approaching RM with rationality is devoid of everything that makes them so good. With a brand named after himself, it is clear that the timepieces he creates will be just as unique...

Introducing Boston & Stewill Live On Kickstarter

Hey everyone, I was having a look through Kickstarter to try and find some of the latest watches to showcase and I came across another worthy contender. Boston & Stewill are no strangers to kickstarter, they previously raised £20,000 for their first watch project, the Tourer II. With that proving such a success they're now back with their next model, an affordable Swiss made automatic. The smallest pledge to recieve a watch is £360 considering the specifications and design, I'd say...