5 Best Festina Watches Review

festina watches review
5 Best Festina Watches Review Hello everyone, today I'm going to be featuring 5 of the most popular Festina watches currently available. The Festina watch brand was established back in 1902, the Swiss watchmaker is renowned for the technical precision found in all of their watches. They have a huge selection of styles and designs available for men and women. Their chronograph watches are perhaps the most recognisable due to the practicality and functionality of their designs. With everything...

5 Best Lorus Watches Review

lorus watches review
 5 Best Lorus Watches Review Hello, today I wanted to do a quick overview of some of the most popular Lorus watches currently available. I'll be talking briefly about the Lorus watch brand, and then I'll go on to feature 5 of their best watches on offer. In 1982 the Seiko Watch Corporation decide they would launch the Lorus brand to compliment their Seiko and Pulsar ranges. They wanted to create a selection of low cost watches that still offered style, quality and technology. Over the last 3...