Leather Cuff Watches – Made By Artisans From Around The World

  Leather Cuff Watches – Made By Artisans From Around The World Watches for adventurous men. At Chronodos we support an adventurous lifestyle for men across the globe. After all, what good is life if you lack excitement and adventure? Since so many of us seem trapped in their meaningless cubicles we believe that now - more than ever - it’s important for men to stand out and life a more adventurous life. It is through more rugged accessories that we aim to help these men. To ...

Rolex Submariner Black Index Dial Oyster Bracelet Mens Watch 116613BKSO Review

Rolex Submariner Black Index Dial Oyster Bracelet Mens Watch 116613BKSO Watch Review
Rolex Submariner Black Index Dial Oyster Bracelet Mens Watch 116613BKSO Watch Review     Today we're looking at this beauty. The Rolex Submariner 116613BKSO. First, let's talk about Rolex. Rolex is ranked as one of the most powerful global brands. In Forbes recent list in 2014 it came 72nd in the world. Rolex produces about 2,000 watches per day, making it the largest single luxury watch brand. Rolex was founded in London, England in 1905 by Alfred Davis and Hans W...

Bulova Men’s Diamond 96D121 Watch Review

Bulova Diamond Men's Quartz Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet - 96D121
// Bulova Men's Diamond 96D121 Watch Review   Ah Bulova we meet again! One of my favourite watch brands. They've just made so many nice looking watches. And this one achieves that same grace. I've now actually increased my Bulova collection to 4 watches. Bulova are an affordable luxury brand in my eyes. I would always recommend them to people looking for a nice watch to get them started. I'd also suggest you take a look at our top 21 men's watches for under £200 post as ...

10 Of The Worlds Most Expensive Watches

  Today we take a look at some of the worlds most expensive watches for the mega rich millionaires and billionaires. We're talking millions just for a single watch. And some people collect multiples of these. It's crazy. But that's the high life for you. The most expensive watch ever sold was actually a pocket watch which was on auction in Geneva on the 12th of November 2014.  The watch sold for 20.6 million Swiss Francs which is the equivalent of £13.4 million.   Th...

The Watch Blog Favourite Kickstarter Campaign. Competition Autumn 2015

  It's time to see who is 'The Watch Blog' reader's favourite kickstarter campaign. We have a selection of nominees to choose from. If you think another campaign should be included. Just email us and let us know. The winner will receive a banner to post on their site. Letting everyone know they won. And also receive an interview from The Watch Blog to tell us about their brand and their kickstarter watch. If you want to help your brand win, link to this page, tweet it, share it....

Seiko. Watch Brand Of The Year 2015

The award was accepted on behalf of Seiko by Susumu Kawanishi, managing director of Seiko UK.
Seiko win watch brand of the year Out of 2,600 brands across 35 countries that were nominated. Seiko has won the prize of watch brand of the year 2015-2016. The ceremony took place at Kensington Palace in London on September the 24th.   Susumu Kawanishi, the managing director of Seiko UK accepted the aware on behalf of Seiko. The firm commented on their win "Seiko is delighted to have been selected for this award alongside so many other prestigious brands, including Apple, L...

5 Breitling Watches over £8,000

breitling watches
Breitling watches, since 1884 "You simply don't become official supplier to the world aviation by chance" good point if you ask me. Breitling have specialised in technical watches for a very long time. They are now one of the top suppliers of watches to people in the aviation industry. Their watches are always extremely reliable and sturdy. All watches have chronometer-certified movements which means they have the top level of precision. Breitling are actually one of the last remaining ind...

Coach, new to the watch game. But looking damn fine.

Coach Watches
So you may not heard of Coach before, so I'll give you a little information about the brand before i show you their watches. Coach is a leading New York based design company of modern lifestyle luxury accessories for men and women. Prior to watches they've been known for creating bags, small leather goods, footwear, scarves and other similar accessories. But now they're getting involved in the game, and I have to say, they've done well.   The Coach brand  is reminiscent of t...

Best of Pinterest episode one

We are new to Pinterest, you can find us here, if you'd do us the honour of following us we would be most thankful! Each week we're going to post some of our favourite snaps that we've seen, we hope you enjoy them also. Anything that peaks our interest could be included each week. If our fans tweet or email in their own pictures of their watches we would love to feature them also!   This is such a beautiful retro looking Rolex. I really love the tan leather strap. &nbs...